LA PEPA NEGRA -A Sexual Power Booster

A capable lover must achieve harder and stronger erection to penetrate deeper into her & offer improved sexual pleasure through lasting longer in love making. Men, who’re unable to achieve or hold the harder erections for the complete love act, are surely suffering from impotence. One of the reasons for the male impotence is improper blood flow to the genitals. Impotence could be caused because of the blockages in tiny arteries transporting the blood to the male genitalia. Other reasons for the impotence include fear, anxiety, alcohol consumption, stress, depression, inactive lifestyle, reduced interest in lovemaking and improper diet. Clogged blood vessels, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, are also responsible for erectile dysfunction in males. Impotence can be treated to enjoy improved sexual pleasure with your female & solve relationship issues. LA PEPA NEGRA is one of the best herbal and natural remedies for impotence problem.

La Pepa Negra

Powerful herbal ingredients in LA PEPA NEGRA improves blood flow to the penile section. Spongy tissues in genital absorb more blood to cause firmer and harder erection. It also offers efficient treatment for men suffering from low sperm count, low libido, weak erection, impotence, and erectile dysfunction. Herbal strength formula naturally boosts libido, strength & stamina to achieve harder erections to penetrate deeper into her vagina and prolong the love making to offer unforgettable sexual pleasure.

It has got natural & high-quality herbal ingredients to offer synergetic effects. Powerful herbal ingredients such as epidemium 10%, cooked rehmannia root 10%, atindite (athinolithium) 30%, stinging nettle root powder (urtica dioica) 50% in this herbal remedy increase sex power, stamina and energy for prolonging the love making.


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