Zhengongfu- The Magic Pill

With the advent of science and technology in medical field, the solution to every health issue has been augmented and so as in the male sex enhancement supplement industry. Zhengongfu is the most prominent and prescribed version of male sex pills. This drug has been changed the perception towards the effect and function of such medication.


Zhengongfu is made up of herbal ingredients like plants and animal extracts. The main ingredients of this drug are Ginseng, garlic, lily, lilac glucoside, fruit of Chinese wolfberry, Chinese angelica, Epimedium Leaf, aweto, merinda officinalis.

The functions of Zhengongfu are quite prominent. It restores body’s energy & reproduces the blood and helps to improve the function of your kidney, solves feebleness & the dispute of early ejaculation as well as prostate diseases, sterility of the long marriage, male and female frigidity, small penis, pains while sexual intercourse, spermatorrhoea, awkwardness, sore wrist, & feel pitiable sleep with poor memory, white hairs, mentally depression, baldness etc.

  • It generates the increased sexual satisfaction & rock hard penile erections any-time you need.
  • It helps you to form a truly muscular and hard looking penis which will impress as well as arouse your love partner.
  • It also helps to achieve a more intense & powerful orgasm with negligible or no side-effects.
  • It starts working in as little as 15 minutes.
  • One pill of Zhengongfu lasts up-to 48 hours &sometimes more.
  • It gives maximum sexual performance and helps you to get your confidence back.

Please note that if you have any medical condition, you should consult your doctor before taking it. Be safe must be your priority.


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