Zhen-Gongfu – A Natural Potency Pill

Zhen-Gongfu is a brand-new product that is launched after several successful experiments, with no side effect, long-lasting effect, quick functioning and the most popular male sexual healthcare product now. Prostatitis, heart disease & hypertension patients can take easily. It can effectually stimulate the adrenoceptor PDA time-orgasm, quickly replenish the semen after intercourse.


The major ingredients of Zhen-Gongfu are lyceum, Sea horse & various abundant nutriment as well as the extracts with some special function. This medication is applicable to short & small penis, unhealthy growth of the male reproductive organ, soft erection, weak kidney & penis. Shrinking of the middle-aged & old man, premature ejaculation, woman frigidity / lacking-satisfaction, sexual hypo-activity etc.

Zhen-Gongfu capsule is now the most popular male health product in china. It has the advantages of quicker effecting, less adverse effects & long duration of its strength. This pill is able to trigger the growth-factor of the adrenal PDA dilute & replenish semen, hence bringing multiple injections and multiple climaxes. It can also generate & restock the semen quickly after sexual intercourse. Thus, avoiding damage to kidney and fatigue resulted from the lack of semen; its effectiveness lasts as long as five days.

Don’t be hurried to achieve effect by taking Zhen-Gongfu as it is a natural supplement and hence gives the perfect results. After taking the pill, in case of many erection or long-time duration with no ejaculation, take extra cold boiled water for relieving the symptoms. It is highly suggested to take it once before sexual intercourse but don’t take it twice within 24 hours.


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